Girlfriend Hot Naked Photoshoot

My girlfriend had been flirting to another guy on a messenger which turned me on. She used to work on webcam afterall and she missed the attention from other guys. When she asked me if we could make some naked photos that she could send him I couldn’t get my camera out fast enough! I had to crop her face out and she knew he would be showing and sharing the photos with friends, not that she minded of course, but she didn’t want her face on them in case someone we knew managed to get copies.

She trimmed her pussy landing strip to make sure it looked perfect. The rest of her pussy was always smooth thanks to some clever laser treatment. I told her to wear some black stockings as I think it’s sexier than totally naked and being the good girl that she is she went to find some. Well… she can be very very bad too obviously…

I was hard even before the first shot so took off my clothes too and got her to suck me between every few photos. I could barely contain myself until I held her against the wall you see in the naked photos and fucked her from behind. We both came so hard.

Then she she chose what photos she liked the most and sent to the guy. By now there will be thousands of copies all over the internet and in guys personal porn collections so we decided to publish them here too. Many more of her will be coming soon. Enough 🙂