Kandy Dancing and Stripping Naked

We shot this for a video competition. She was also practicing every day for her first ever performance stripping naked at a club on the stage so the timing was perfect. She was really nervous about it. Before this she only stripped totally naked once at a club but that was only on a table when she was drunk. She realised after that how much she loved the guys around her watching her. Her performance at the club didn’t go quite like how she expected, got so turned on that she let 3 guys come onto the stage with her to play and fuck. I wrote about this before. She was really shy about it afterwards 🙂 We went home and had sex.

She didn’t do that again but gave her the confidence to work for an agency as a stripper at parties. Would wear a sexy outfit and lingerie but also a long coat to hide it in the taxi. She would lapdance with a few then let the birthday boy pull off her panties while she had his cock in her hand. She would almost let him cum, then sit on top of him lol. Would ride him in front of everyone and make him cum inside her.

Once the party was at a bar which made her really shy but she did it anyway. Yes lots of guys tried to kiss her, I was there to protect her like I always was. She did let a lot of guys play with her pussy which made her cum so hard.

She ended up naked on the bar covered in oil with a doggie pose with guys pushing something like a dildo into her pussy and another into her ass. Then she laid on her back, let a few guys lick her pussy until she came again.

After that I put her clothes on and took her home lol.