Shy Kandy Wet TShirt Video in the Shower

This was for a video competition. She was too shy to get totally naked but her outfits gets so see through you can see everything anyway. You can see how smooth her shaved pussy is. Sadly she didn’t win the competition but thousands of guys watched the video at least. Afterwards I pull her panties off and lick her pussy before letting get out of the bath 🙂

She once entered a wet tshirt competition. She won but didn’t realise if she won she would have a guy stripping her naked. She let him. Then let him rub oil all over her and play with her pussy. Was hundreds of guys there watching her. Lucky was years ago so doubt anyone had a phone with a decent camera. She did cum and squirted on the stage. Kissed him and sucked him off. Then she got dressed and really shy about what she did lol.