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It was her idea to go out to the balcony. Her sister was away and she wanted people outside to see her naked. Some did from the road and someone was watching from the bullding opposite. She saw he was filming her so thats why she used to the torch to show herself off better.
arefulIt was winter so her nipples are eveb harder than usual. Her nipples are always hard. She likes to wear a sheer black top so guys see her nipples.

She has a male gyno for the same reason her sister does, they say men treat their pussies more carefully when fingering them than a woman does.

Once she was asked to wear stockings to her gyno appointment and she wouldnt have to pay anything if she let her doc film her for a ukrainian journal.

His excuse was that he wanted to check she could cum. He told her to strip naked in front of everyone. Was about 10 other students there watching she said. 2 were girls, the rest were guys.

When naked onlly in her stockings he told her to sit on his chair, that gyno chair thing. He pulled her legs apart and tied her down.

Then he poured a whole bottle of oil over her and started putting his fingers inside. He didnt wear gloves as he usually did. Then he fisted her. Kept ramming his fist inside her until shhe squirted all over the floor.

Then let the other students play with her. Grabbed her tits and played with her nipples. All of them played with her pussy, not sure how many fisted her but most did she said.

She let two guys fuck her while sucking off another and playing with two more. Crazy I know. this wasn’t for a medical journal – it was for a pornsite lol. Even her sister never did this…

On the beach she never gets topless but always takes off her panties. It’s fun rubbing sun tan lotion on her and playing with her pussy until she cunms. Why she won’t get topless I have no idea. I have tried taking off her bikini top to put lotion on her, she tries to hide her nipples with her hands.